Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin

Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin had their first supremacy boxing last year in September 16, 2017. The supremacy match was for the contested WBC, WBA, IBF, Ring magazine, IBO as well as lineal middleweight championship. The fight was held at T-Mobile Arena located at the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, US.Many people watched the match live across the world through HBO on the pay per view basis for American fans. In the same way, United Kingdom fans watched the match through BoxNation while fans in Latin America watched it through the Space.

ggg vs canelo 2

The fight outcome was not what the two contesters expected, because it was a split draw. There is no doubt that the outcome was controversial and this necessitated a rematch, which was originally fixed for May 5 2018. However, the match was put on hold when one of the contestants tested positive of one of the banned substances. The match was finally fixed for September 15, 2018. The fight date is now September 15, 2018The time as usual is 3.30 AM for UK viewers and 8 pm for American viewersThe venue for the fight remains unchanged and it is T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, USTitle in contention is IBF, WBA, WBC as well as IBO middleweight champions. The reigning champion is Gennady Golovkin and he is to be challenged by Canelo. Canelo vs GGG 2The rematch was to enable the title holder of the WBC/WBA/IBF/IBO middleweight champion of the world Golovkin defends his title against the latest challenger Canelo Alvarez. The match was originally fixed for May 5, 2018.

It has to be cancelled twice because the challenger has tested positive for the banned substance and he has to earn six months suspension because of that. It will not hold on September 2018 and it is exactly one year after the first fight, which turned out to be a disappointment.
Golovkin believed that he has all it takes to win the match even though he believed that his challenger was not clean in the first match.
The fact that the match took place at all was a miracle, because it took several months of intense negotiations before the two agreed to fight. This fight is promising to be one of the biggest of the year as far as boxing is concerned. Even the one that took place last year was the most celebrated after the famous fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and his challenger Manny Pacquiao, which took place two years earlier.
The process leading to the fight was full of rancor because of the acrimony that characterized the negotiation process.The same rancor that characterized the previous fight is coming out in this latest fight. Already Golovkin is accusing his challenger of doping and this was vehemently denied. He even took the accusation to the opponent’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya whom he believed was not clean of doping. It is important to state here the promoter had not in the past failed any test. Just like the previous match, the next fight between them will also take place at the same venue which is the T Mobile Arena located in Las Vegas Nevada United States.

The next match will be televised live by HPO and it has to be on the basis of Pay Per View and it can commence at eastern time. Sell for the ticket is expected to commence at least months before the match and the cost of the ticket is not yet made public. It is expected that the ticket price for the fight could be anything within $300 to $5000 and so on. It is expected that the supremacy match will settle for once who is better between the two leading fighters of their weight category.